Meeting Minutes

Isokan Yoruba of Ottawa Canada

P. O. BOX  8272, Station T, Ottawa. ON.  K1G 3H7

TEL: / FAX: (613) 824-6392




Agenda items


Opening Prayer

Opening Remarks

  • Dr.  Bankole Adams
  • Meeting commenced 6.45 PM          Meeting chaired by: Ms. Bisi Bashorun – President
  • Ms. Bisi Bashorun welcomed everyone and expressed her delight to see everyone in attendance.


Dr. Olusola Womiloju

Dr. Yemi Fasoyinu

Mrs. Abiola Agoro

Dr. Ahmad Shittu

Dr. Bankole Adams

Mrs. Afolake Garber

Ms.  Elisabeth Okusanya

Mrs. Adetoun Shittu

Mrs. Sola Fasoyinu

Chief. Bashir Agoro

Dr. (Mrs.) Taiwo Womiloju

Ms. Bisi Bashorun

Ms. Basira Bashorun


Mrs. Temidire, Mr. Yomi Pratt, Dr. Agboola

Acknowledgement new members and visitors

No visitors in attendance


News  and Announcements

  • President received  invitation from the Igbo Association, for the Igbo Community House Fundraising event
  • Dr & Mrs. Fasoyinu thanked the membership for their love and continued support for their daughter’s marriage celebration in Nigeria.

Approval of Minutes of the Last meeting

  • Corrections on the last meeting minutes of March 2013, noted and to be revised accordingly.
  • Dr. Fasoyinu move to approve March 2013 meeting minutes, Dr. Womiloju seconded. MOVED


Updates contd.


President’s updates:

The president informed the house of the last executive team meeting, fundraising ideas were discussed.

  • Govt departments are been solicited for their services that would be of benefit to members. Several other ideas including a medical awareness forum/info session by our very own Dr. Agboola.
  • Association Website to be managed in consultation with Dr. Adams and Mr. Adeyefa
  • In response to the Igbo Association invitation – Isokan Yoruba will donate (Honorarium) in support.
  • Health Initiative will continue yearly. Fundraising will commence at our end of year celebration.
  • NCAO proposed Mega Picnic day July 20th, date coincides with our association’s picnic date, we will maintain our yearly plan for our picnic, NCA to provide more details/confirmation of their action plan. Social Secretary will contact NCA.
  • Courtesy call to the Nigerian High Commission – Ms. Bisi Bashorun will consult with Dr. Womiloju
  • Guidelines in our by-laws/constitution to be revised to include a financial management section concerning all association expenditures such as incidentals and travel expenses when members represent the association at events.

Financial Update – Ms. Okusanya

  • Financial report was distributed, report is as at March 31, 2013
  • Overview and final totals was reported by the Treasurer. Full report at the next meeting.
  • Dr. Adams commended the treasurer for her effort in maintaining the books.
  • Membership decided to include $500.00 budget amount to cover Travel representation expenses
  • Ms. Ladeinde suggested the Youth budget be increased to $300 from the original $100 amount
  • Mrs. Agoro moved for the adoption of the report ** with amendments, seconded by Dr. Adams. MOVED

Yoruba School – Mrs. Garber

  • Mrs Garber reported the school received two new students.
  • School trip outing May 25th, Britannia Park. 9:30 – 12 noon.
  • Children’s day celebration on May 4th was well attended.

Yorubaland Health Initiative (YHI) Report – Ms. Bisi Bashorun

  • All 4000+ units of medical supplies purchased from funds raised have been packaged and shipped to Nigeria, shipment should arrive Lagos by next month, June.
  • Isokan Representation in Nigeria will be contacted to assist with coordinating the delivery of items to St. Mary’s Hospital, in Ibadan. Distant Member Mr. Yomi Owolabi will be the Isokan representative.

Summer Family Picnic – Mrs. Garber

  • Our annual picnic is July 20th, all members and their family are encouraged to attend to make it a successful fun day. Mrs. Garber will be away on vacation, the picnic coordinating Team (Ms. Ladeinde, Mrs. Agoro, Mrs. Womiloju & Ms. Basira) will coordinate the day’s event.

Other Matters – All

  • Presentation of songs by the Garber’s (Adunni, Kike, Demola) and Okusanya (Sarah) Children in Yoruba dialect for all to enjoy. Flowers presented to all the Ladies in the house to mark Mother’s Day.
  • Association mailbox for receiving mail will be cancelled. Other mailing options will be reviewed and communicated to members at the next meeting.


  • A motion for adjournment was moved by Ms. Okusanya and seconded by Chief Agoro.
  • Closing Prayer: Chief Agoro
  • Meeting ended at 8:40 p.m.
  • Next Meeting July 13, 2013