Yoruba School

​Yoruba School is borne out of the mission of Isokan Yoruba of Ottawa, which is to preserve and promote the Yoruba cultural heritage, values and traditions as part of the Canadian mosaic.

In order to bring this mission to fruition, Isokan Yoruba seek to:

  1. establish and organise an integrated learning centre to promote our cultural heritage, values, traditions and foster the teaching of Yoruba language in a conductive environment;
  2. promote Yoruba language under any heritage program(s) in Ontario and promote general public awareness and interest in Yoruba culture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster the teaching of Yoruba language as a tool to ensure sustainable propagation of Yoruba cultural heritage, language and tradition in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, in Ontario and beyond.


Yoruba School runs under the auspices of the International and Indigenous Language Program – Elementary, of the Ottawa Catholic Schools Board. The International and Indigenous Language Program is mandated under the Ministry of Education. Communities work in partnership with the Schools Board in order to provide high-quality instruction in non-official languages. The Program promotes cultural and linguistic diversity, and is available for all children of elementary age (starting at age 4) to grade 8, regardless of their language background and the school board they attend.

​Our Program

The International and Indigenous Language Program of the Ottawa Catholic Schools Board provides language classes regardless of their heritage, free of charge*, to elementary school-age children (Junior Kindergarten) to Grade 8, who are Ontario residents primarily from the Ottawa area. The program runs in an online environment.

** Yoruba Language High School Credit Course now available - contact the Ottawa Catholic School Board

* a non-refundable materials and consumables fee of $10.00 will accompany each registration.

Classes run on Saturday morning during the school year. Registration is open to students from all school boards residing in Ottawa area. Fees will be applied to Quebec students and International Students residing in Ontario.

Details of registration, in person (at the school site on Saturdays ONLY, when open), or online on the Ottawa Catholic Schools Board website (International Language Program),


Registration is on-going throughout the year.

​Why attend?

The atmosphere the school provides transcends just the teaching of Yoruba language, culture and values.

The school provides:

Indeed, it is the only opportunity for your children to be in the same room with other children like them from the same background, culture and creed.